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Hot Young Model Haley in Sexy Black Stockings!

Posted by – 05/10/2012

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Cutie Haley Strips to All Nakey!

The cutie Haley Model always shines in each and every new set, just like this one where she models black lingerie and sexy silk stockings!  Oh, but they do not stay on for long!  Haley goes full nude halfway through teasing us throughout! Oh Sweet nibblets! 😀

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Naughty Haley Model Nude and Wet in NEW HM35 Video!

Posted by – 03/28/2012

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Haley Nakey Bath Time - MEOW! 😮

The lovely Ms Haley Model continues to break hearts across the galaxy with her newest DVD video HM35!  You get 4 heart pounding and coma inducing scenes of Haley naked and having a lot of fun!! She rolls around on the bed, gets wet in the bath, and throws her wardrobe across the room!  😉


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Haley Model Naked Photo Shoot!

Posted by – 03/21/2012

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A "nakey" set of Haley!

Oh my!  Haley Model is such a cutie pie in her birthday suit!!  Those pretty eyes are hard to resist… those boobies are just wonderful…  Her nude tushy is irresistibly… and her “meow”? Mmmmmmm, bet it taste like the forbidden fruit of passion!! 😀

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Model Haley in Naked Purple!

Posted by – 02/07/2012

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Oops - no panties! ... Purplicious

The beautiful and wonderful Haley Model was just updated with a super duper tasty purple lace dress and poor Haley forgot to put her panties on!  …or perhaps that sneaky photographer hid them on her (hehehe).  She is a good sport and decides to make the best of it by exposing her other gOOdies!! 😀

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Sexy Hot Haley Model Video 34 Now Available!

Posted by – 01/17/2012

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Haley Model is back for 2012! But she forgot to put any clothes on, OMG!

The much anticipated HM34 video has been released and believe me, it will put you in the hospital if you do not take the necessary precautions like, heart pills, defibrillator, and having Quincy on speed dial! Haley does her best work in HM34 and she shows a lot of skin, so HOT!! You really need to get your hands on this one before they are all gone.


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Super Sweet and Perky Haley Model!

Posted by – 01/03/2012

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Sexy Playful Haley!

Has Haley Model completely stole your heart yet?  She tends to have that effect on people…  This is her newest photo set, and she looks marvelous in it!!  Haley’s perky body and luscious curves are nothing short of delicious!  Mmmmmmmm 😀

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Enter the Haley Model Video Madness of Delight!

Posted by – 12/12/2011

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This is a rare treat, Haley-Model.com providing her members with some sexy nude videos of the super pretty Haley!  It is Xmas after all…  You do not want to miss these very special videos of one of the hot models of today, every Haley fanatic will be overjoyed and want to fa la la la all day long! 😉

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Nude Haley Model Video – Members Only!

Posted by – 11/30/2011

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* Special video clip *

The hottest young model on the planet just got too hot!  So hot she needs to take off all her clothes and try on new ones!!  This is a special video just for members of Haley-Model.com, I strongly suggest you join and grab this clip!!

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Sexy Haley in Tee Skirt Madness!

Posted by – 11/22/2011

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Sexy Haley is back in her short little skirt and NO panties!!  Oh, and her cute tee shirt that refuses to stay put and keeps exposing her perfect boobies over and over until Haley gives up and take sit all off!!!

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Haley is a Naughty Photo Helper!

Posted by – 11/10/2011

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Click this image

The lovely Ms Haley Model has decided to lend a helping hand to the overworked photographer!  However she causes more of a ruckus then helps with her teasing and nudity!  Poor Haley, her panties seem to be lost forever!! 😀

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